Disabled WWII veteran Earl and his wife Emily live three hours away from the VA Hospital in Fargo, ND. Emily can no longer drive Earl to his monthly appointments. Thanks to MACVSO, and the funding of V4V, Earl now gets a free ride to the VA. It’s a huge relief for Earl, Emily and their children, who live out-of-state. Freedom Farm offers a safe place for women veterans to come, process, feel and attempt to move forward through the traumas their military experience may have been for them. For Sarah re-connecting with other women veterans was a truly healing experience. Read more about Freedom Farm, and the nonprofits V4V supports. Disabled Veterans Turkey Hunt at Camp Ripley Minnesota Bill was a Korean War veteran diagnosed with terminal cancer. Midwest Outdoors Unlimited worked to expedite his license, and took him on his last hunt, which was successful. He passed away 10 days later. Thanks to V4V, MOU can help veterans like Bill enjoy life to the fullest. Danny joined the National Guard at 18. He was deployed in Iraq. While serving, the home he'd been living in was sold. He began living out of his car when he returned. Thanks to MAC-V, and the support of V4V, veterans like Danny are able to get back into affordable housing.


We at Minnesota Veterans 4 Veterans Trust Fund (V4V) believe that veterans are an asset to society. Our mission is to serve them as they have served us, by supporting with grants the organizations that empower them to integrate successfully into civilian life.

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