Featured Past Grantees

Thanks for taking an interest in our grantees. The organizations that Minnesota Veterans 4 Veterans Trust Fund grants to are carefully selected, and we believe they represent organizations providing the highest standard of service to Minnesota veterans and their families.

Donors interested in giving to veteran-serving nonprofits might consider this a quick list of organizations you can trust. Or, if you’re not sure who to choose, donating to V4V is also an option. Potential grantees visiting this page might consider whether their organization provides a similar standard of service within our focus areas.

Featured Grantees

The Brown County Veterans Service received their new van of which V4V supplied a donation of $4000.00 to help top off Brown County CVSO Greg Peterson’s capital campaign to purchase a replacement van.  The van is now on the road making patient runs to the Minneapolis Veterans Hospital on a daily basis.

Grantee: MACVSO
Program Description: The Minnesota Association of County Veteran Service Officers received a grant of $25,000 to kick-start a program that will help Minnesota veterans in rural northwestern Minnesota get transportation to their nearest VA Hospital. There are many veterans in need in this area, and MACVSO has successfully partnered with other veteran-serving organizations, like the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota, to get this venture off the ground. Read the complete news release about this program.
Focus Areas: Health Care, Social/Human Services

Grantee: Minnesota Military Museum
Program Description: The Minnesota Military Museum was granted $15,000 to fund an awareness campaign to increase the visibility and use of the museum. Read the complete press release.
Focus Areas: Education, Outreach

Grantee Testimonials

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

Homeless veteran with backpack.

A Minnesota veteran who has received help from MAC-V.

“V4V has been a key supporter of our organization, funding gaps in services to homeless and in crisis veterans and their families. This is funding we are able to use statewide and to use as leverage for other contributions.

“The support and partnership from V4V is critical to us to meet the ongoing needs of these veterans in our state. We can’t thank them enough for their passion and commitment to our mission.”

Kathleen A. Vitalis
Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

A disabled veteran hunter on a cool looking all terrain wheelchair.

An example of equipment bought thanks to V4V support.

Midwest Outdoors Unlimited

“I would like to thank V4V for the very large donations over the past few years! It has had a tremendous impact on our organization. We have used the equipment you have helped purchase to expand our quality and quantity of events.

“Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to provide services to some disabled veterans that we simply did not have the equipment to accommodate before. Thank you again.”

Ron Welle