February 2013 Grant: $15,000 to Minnesota Military Museum

February 28, 2013

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At the February 2013 Minnesota Veterans 4 Veterans Trust fund monthly meeting, the following grant was approved by the eight member board of directors:

A $15,000.00 grant was to assist in improving the veteran awareness and usage of the Minnesota Military Museum located on Camp Ripley near Little Falls. The Military Museum seeks to improve their marketing capabilities to veterans through a multi-faceted approach of advertising and networking.

Over a three year period, the museum will develop new exhibits and strategies to improve Veterans awareness and usage of the Minnesota Military Museums. The goals of this project are to increase veteran’s awareness of the Museum, improve outreach efforts promoting it through VA medical Center, Hospitals, Veterans Service Organization and County Veterans Service Offices. To also improve attractions and exhibits at the Museum to better represent and attract Minnesota veterans and their families along with making it an educational experience for school children to be able to see what our MN Veterans have done for our country from the Civil War to present. The grant is a three year incremental grant that will be revisited in one year to see the progress made and possibly initiate another award to the Museum to continue their efforts.

The Military Museum started in 1976 as a Bicentennial project and is located just inside the main gate in Area 1 of the Camp Ripley Military Reservation and is open to the public for individual or group tours. The hours are May through September: Open daily 10-5 including national holidays. October through April: Open Thursday and Fridays 9-4 except national holidays. It is located 7 miles north of Little Falls at Camp Ripley. You can find out more about the Minnesota Military Museum at its website.

The MN Veterans 4 Veterans ( V4V ) Trust Fund is a 501c(19) non-profit organization established as the result of the 2006 sale of Lake Minnetonka Big Island Disabled Veterans Camp. The non-profit organization has eight board members, two veterans each who are appointed by the DAV, VFW, MOPH, and American Legion. The board oversees the funds from the sale of the island to the City of Orono and has a grant application process on their website. Grants are made to organizations serving MN veterans in a way that conforms to the criteria the V4V has documented online.