Apply for a Grant

Thanks for your interest in applying for Minnesota Veterans 4 Veterans’ (V4V) grant opportunities. V4V is committed to finding and supporting organizations that provide the highest quality services to our veterans. This is why we have an online application process that’s open to all organizations that meet our qualifications.

In this section of the website you will find detailed information that will assist you in determining first if your program fits within our mission and focus areas, and, if so, how and where you can apply.

Step 1: Determine if you’re a good fit

Check to see if your organization meets the criteria laid out in our application guidelines. Read through them carefully to make sure, then explore our focus areas and make sure your program fits within them.

Step 2: Read up on us

Having a better understanding of our mission, and the other grantees we’ve supported will help inform and strengthen your grant request.

Step 3: Ready? Begin the online application

Once you’ve determined that you’re qualified, and read through the information on our website, you can take our short Eligibility Checklist. Once you complete the checklist, the link to our online application will be revealed.