Strategic Plan

V4V 2019-2021 Strategic Plan




To be a leading advocate focused on unmet needs of Minnesota Veterans through education, Strategic Partnerships, and Financial assistance to effective and supportive organizations.


To be a leading, productive resource for financial aid to organizations focused on supporting veterans in Minnesota through:

  • Effective administrative operations
  • Productive networks with the Minnesota veteran community
  • High impact results applied to a broad veteran community

A community in Minnesota where no veteran is left without a resource, where every veteran has the opportunity for enhanced and meaningful participation in the community, and where dynamic partnerships exist between organizations that serve veterans.


We operate with a specific set of values:

  • Inherent respect
    • First for all veterans and their families
    • Also to caregivers and those committed to serving veterans
  • Integrity
    • Transparency in our process
    • Communication of grant guidelines and priorities
    • Participation of Commissioner of MN Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • Independence
    • Participation from many veterans groups
    • Input and information from VSO leadership / MNDVA
    • Leverage rotating board members and officers

Our focus areas are:

  • End of Life Care
  • Mental Health
  • Veterans Transportation
  • Veterans Health and Healthy living
  • Veterans outreach through community organizations who can play a positive role in quality of life for veterans.
  • Recreational programs for veterans
  • Programs supporting volunteerism, especially youth volunteers.
  • “Seed Money” for new innovative veterans support initiatives.
  • Influence, initiate and fund programs supporting MN veterans where needed
    • Seek partnerships with supportive organizations to address unmet needs of MN veterans.