Strategic Plan

V4V 2019-2021 Strategic Plan




The Minnesota Veterans 4 Veterans ( V4V )Trust Fund is an independent non-profit 501 c (19 ) organization providing financial support directly or through partnerships to organizations who provide a better quality of life to Minnesota veterans.


To be a leading, productive resource for financial aid to organizations focused on supporting veterans in Minnesota through:

  • Effective administrative operations
  • Productive networks with the Minnesota veteran community
  • High impact results applied to a broad veteran community

A community in Minnesota where no veteran is left without a resource, where every veteran has the opportunity for enhanced and meaningful participation in the community, and where dynamic partnerships exist between organizations that serve veterans.


We operate with a specific set of values:

  • Inherent respect
    • First for all veterans and their families
    • Also to caregivers and those committed to serving veterans
  • Integrity
    • Transparency in our process
    • Communication of grant guidelines and priorities
    • Participation of Commissioner of MN Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • Independence
    • Participation from many veterans groups
    • Input and information from VSO leadership / MNDVA
    • Leverage rotating board members and officers


Goal 1            Increase our positive impact on veterans and those who provide support to them.

Strategic areas of emphasis:

  • End of life care
  • Veterans Health / healthy living
  • Mental health
  • Veterans Outreach through Community organizations who can play a positive role in quality of life
  • Recreational programs for veterans
  • Programs promoting volunteerism, especially involving youth
  • “Seed money” for new innovative veteran support initiatives
  • Influence, Initiate and fund programs supporting MN veterans where needed


Goal 2            Ensure that the veterans organizations, statewide communities, County Veterans Service Officers, Volunteer organizations are aware and advised of the V4V organization and our mission and our actions, and that the V4V is a strong advocate that will improve the lives of Minnesotans veterans.

Strategic areas of emphasis:

  • Strong and effective networking
  • Public awareness through news channels or veterans organizations
  • Impact reports from those we support
  • Consistent, timely communications through Website / Facebook

Goal 3            Increase our engagement with key stakeholders.

Strategic areas of emphasis:

  • CVSOs
  • MN Department of Veterans Affairs ( MNDVA )
  • Specific stakeholder groups including mental health, veterans organizations, rural and aging veteran populations, Veterans Homes, MN Statewide community organizations, volunteers, and VA Medical Centers

Goal 4            Pursue operational excellence.

Strategic areas of emphasis:

  • Organizational measures of success
  • Financial portfolio management / oversight
  • New committee structures when needed
  • Active and experienced board members

Goal 5            Develop and manage financial resources.

Strategic areas of emphasis:

  • Seek partnerships with other organizations supporting veterans
  • Work closely with MN DVA to ensure strong partnership
  • Grants from other non-profits, businesses and the private sector
  • Ensure money management organization effectiveness
  • Solicit funds when and where needed

“End of the day” goal        The MN V4V Trust Fund is committed directly and with the participation of allies to infuse $2,000,000 into the MN veteran community over the next 5 years.

Strategic areas of emphasis:

  • Challenge grants
  • Matching grants
  • Corporate / Foundation / VSO partners
  • Fundraising